Investment Data Consulting

Strategy Consulting

APX Stream Designs Integrated Approaches To:

  • Investment data marketing/distribution
  • Positioning
  • Due diligence, and
  • Managing institutional relationships

Our work is based on our unique perspective into the investment database world

A multifacted library of marketing collateral is a vital investment, as the sales cycle has lengthened to 6-9 meetings, 12-18 months.

We improve quality and reduce costs by helping you to mangage the very data that populates your marketing collateral.

Our Products

Website Design
The 24-7-365 Marketing Tool

A manager's website is among the first places prospects learn about an investment firm's value proposition.

For so many reasons, a steller website is often the best, and easiest, opportunity for a firm to show true differentiation.

Marketing Collateral
Institutional-quality design, responsive, accurate updates

  • Fact Sheets
  • Pitch Books
  • Competitor "Head2Head" Positioning Analyses
  • Proprietary RFPs/DDQs

Digital Content:
Clear, concise, appropriate to the marketing goal

Most investment managers work with a variety of client types. As such, content should target each individually.

Digital Content Strategy has at its cornerstone at least one of these four content types:



Marketing White Papers


Product Positioning Key to sales and relationship-building

Know your prospect’s manager mix / allocation parameters and against whom you are competing.

An APX “Head2Head Analytics Report” that best positions your firm against your competition is vital.

Make an evidence-based case for either replacing the existing manager or adding your firm/product to the allocation mix.

Relationships matter, but the data and caliber of client service are what’s most persuasive in today’s marketplace.