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Pointers for an easier Quarter Investment Data Load
There is a difference between quarterly datasets and monthly datasets. Quarterly reports are much more detailed in that they tell us what was done
Why Does An Asset Manager Need A Data Warehouse
First, let’s answer the basic question: What is a data warehouse?
You Are not Missing Out on Database Searches
Quarterly reporting season is wrapping up for many investment managers, or at least it should be.
Data Management & Distribution Tools We Built in 2021
Over the past year, the APX Vault has undergone significant development, and we feel it is important to describe to you this growing functionality
Three Takeaways from our ESG Webinar
On September 29, we hosted a webinar entitled, ESG Due Diligence: How Databases and Subscribers are Using Data to Manage a $53 Trillion Opportunity.
In Real Time, Assess Your Quarter-End Data Management Systems
In some of our previous pieces on investment data management, we’ve focused on things you should be doing to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the middle of the quarter.
Investment Data Marketing: The 14 Profile Datasets, Explained
Investment data marketing distribution is a deceptively difficult strategy to develop and execute.
Thoughts from Our Recent Webinar on Investment Data Automation
On May 14, I sat down with my colleague, Emilie Totten at Synthesis Technologies to discuss data marketing automation
Fact Sheet Best Practices: Investment Data Marketing
One of the most important items on client to-do lists at the quarter-end is updating their marketing collateral; namely, their fact sheets.