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We Were Wrong: the RFP/DDQ is Not Dying
Last year we sent out an email blast, the gist of which is that the RFP is dying.
NEW! eBook: Investment Data Compliance & the New SEC Advertising Rules
At the end of 2020, the SEC finally released their new Advertising rules. What does this mean of investment data management & distribution?
Investment Data Marketing: Creating a Cohesive, Data-Driven Story for Your Firm
When meeting and consulting with clients, most investment data specialists refer to 5 primary datasets managers need to populate in their investment database profiles:
Establishing Differentiation with Investment Data Marketing
As you know, the investment management industry is facing unprecedented headwinds...
Why Consulting is Vital to Outsourced Investment Data Distribution
When investment management firms outsource components of their back office business functions, they should have certain expectations.
Effective Due Diligence: Evaluating an Investment Data Distribution Partner
Honestly, this piece could easily apply to any outsourcing relationship an investment manager might find itself contemplating;
Five Things You Should Expect From Your Investment Data Distribution Partner
Outsourcing your firm’s investment data management and distribution strategy is a liberating experience.
Electronic Due Diligence & Investment Data Compliance
How do gatekeepers utilize the performance data? The same way managers do – it’s all about the search and assess process.
New SEC Guidance Means an Evolving Landscape for Investment Data Compliance
As we have explained in recent posts, the SEC has introduced new proposed guidelines for investment management advertising and marketing.